SantaCraft Update!

Thank you to everyone who has been playing SantaCraft so far! We love that you're enjoying the game.

We've got an update ready for you that addresses some common feature requests, a few other improvements, and some bug fixes.

In this update:

  • Cookie Crazy! Harvest wood faster after eating cookies.
  • Play your bagpipes to cause NPCs to move out of the way.
  • Building on top of NPCs causes them to move.
  • Gingerbread axe lasts longer before breaking.
  • Faster removal of structures with right-click.
  • The Info Walrus introduces themselves.
  • Dairy farmer reminds you to drink your milk.
  • Talkman now does pitch-shifting, better for impersonating adults.
  • Fixed bugs that occurred on computers set to languages other than English.

Keep saving Christmas!

Owen & Matt
(aka Milkbag Games)

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