You've played deckbuilding roguelites with cards, now it's time to play one with slot machines! Choose two walking slot machines to take into battle. Earn weapons, armor, items, and spells. Manipulate your machines to your advantage. Spin big combos to deal massive damage and defeat your enemies!

In this “slotsbuilding” roguelite from Milkbag Games, you’ll fight monsters, buy new weapons and items, learn new spells, and spin to survive. The luck of the spin means you’ll have to come up with new strategies every time you play. But don’t leave everything to luck! Build out a careful combination of items and spells that makes sure you get the results you need to win.

Slots & Sorcery is in active development, and the demo we're sharing is a representation of what Act 1 of the game will look like. The core of the game is in place, but there's still a lot more we have planned for the game:

  • More acts of increasing difficulty to fight through.
  • Unlock permanent upgrades for your heroes. New items that unlock. Permanent town upgrades, etc.
  • More heroes to unlock, each with different pros and cons.
  • More choices about how you progress through each act.
  • More everything (more items, more status effects, more enemies, more bosses, more more more!)

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Join our discord and let us know what you think.


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Please put this on mobile, so many good games like this that are not playable on mobile (circadian dice, poker quest etc)

Thanks for checking out the game! We're always thinking about which platforms make sense for us to work towards, but we're focusing on PC development for the time being. The demo above is technically playable on some mobile devices, but it's not the ideal platform for it. :)

are you gonna keep updating this game?


We are working full-time on the full version of Slots & Sorcery. It will probably be a little while until we update this demo again, though. We're busy breaking things so that we can add lots of new things. ;)

If you want to keep up to date on what's going on with the game, come join our discord, if you'd like: Or give us a follow here on itch and you should get notified if we update the game.


oh sounds good

it is always good thing if you take your time without rushing anything and making sure to take breaks if necessary

(1 edit)

not sure if you are currently open for taking ideas but here are some I have (you may decide on names and rarity, I will like to hear your opinions)

Select a Symbol, Replace all other Symbols in that column with copies of the Symbol you selected, Cooldown 4

Increase the damage of all attacks of a Character by 1 this turn, Cooldown 3

Choose an Item that have 50% chance or less of being activated and double its effects for this turn, Cooldown 4

Keep half of your shields, purple shields and dodges between turns (Rounded up)

After using a Flask, self heal for 3

All your attacks deal 50% more damage, but you cant use flasks

Thanks for the suggestions! These are fun ideas! :)

YES!!! 20 turns taken!

Very impressive! We didn't even know it was possible to beat the game in so few turns.

Royal Flush is a very hard battle
I have got to them like 4 times and I havent been able to defeat a single of the cards
one thing I noticed is that I dealt a bunch of damage to one of the cards but then it moves into the fourth position and then is like welp, this happened twice to me (I am not saying that the shuffling mechanic should be removed, I think is cool)

The boss battle is very tough. I'm glad you like the shuffling, though. :)

Cool game.

Haha wow! That loadout on Carl is wild. He must have been doing so much damage. 42 turns is really impressive!


I played the demo, I enjoyed, I like the mechanics, one thing I will say it needs right now is a bit more of clarity, specially on what the enemies intend to do and what some symbols like the purple attacks and block mean, still pretty good

Thanks for playing and sharing your feedback! That's really good to know. We do have plans for building some kind of in-game "glossary" that would let you look up symbols and their meanings. But we've been thinking about other more direct ways we can communicate that information better too.

there is always the option that when you hover over them it tells you their meaning

Definitely! I think that's probably what we'll try first.

Really fun game, really clever core mechanic, I wasn't sure what to expect coming in, but I got really engrossed in it. Really looking forward to seeing a full release and I hope it really takes off! Great job!

Thanks so much! We really appreciate that.

I played the game a while back, love the updates. Can you make a downloadable version? I really want to be able to save my game so I can continue a run.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! We may do a downloadable version at some point, but right now it doesn't really support different screen resolutions. :) We also haven't written any save system, so even having a downloadable version wouldn't let you save your run right now, unfortunately. These are all things we'd like to do with it though!


Decent game, bit short, would love to see a more polished and longer experience with more replay ability, magic is kind of weak, and theres a bit of inventory crunch,Slots could use a bit more explaining and showing how the symbol modifying trinkets change the wheels.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the great feedback! This was just a jam game, but we're giving some thought as to what it might look like as a bigger game. :)